About Us

Capital Bilingual Services LLC is a startup business in St. Louis City St. Louis providing Translation and Interpretation services in several foreign languages. CBS team consists of highly educated and experienced staff with expertise in speaking several foreign languages. St. Louis currently houses a great number of immigrant population coming from Middle Eastern countries. Most of the immigrant community is lacking English language skills that creates a huge barrier in their success in day to day life. Some of the major challenges currently faced by Non-English speakers are acquiring/passing driving permit tests, making doctor appointments and communication with physicians, job interviews, catching up on their kids schools homework and communicating with teacher-especially during parent teacher conferences and many more. Keeping in mind all these challenges faced by Non-English speakers, CBS with having a broad network of highly qualified English speakers + speaking the languages spoken by immigrant community, CBS is initiated with a motivation to be problem solver to most of these challenges by providing high quality interpretation and translation services to its clients with affordable prices and in timely manner.